3Com® VCX™ V7000 IP Telephony Solution

3Com® V7000 Platform—Availability and Scalability for Large Enterprises

3Com offers the V7000 platform for large-scale enterprise-wide IP telephony service. Suited to the reliability, security, and performance needs of a large enterprise, the V7000 solution is available in an IBM 306 e-series configuration or the IBM 345 e-series 2U server (pictured here), boasting dual 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon processors with 10/100/1000 MB interfaces and a range of high performance RAID storage options designed to run a specially-developed 3Com® Linux operating system (OS) package.

The 3Com Linux OS delivers higher security and control for the network administrator and interfaces with the 3Com Convergence Applications Suite in a highly secure and stable manner.

The IP Messaging and IP Conferencing modules run on the V7000 platform and can function simultaneously with the VCX IP Telephony module.

Features & Benefits

Next-Generation Voice Services for Large Enterprises 3Com® V7000 Platform—Availability and Scalability for Large Enterprises
The 3Com® VCX™ V7000 IP Telephony Solution delivers reliable, highly-scaleable, comprehensive standards-based IP telephony for large enterprises with up to tens of thousands of users. Leveraging wired and wireless LANs and WANs, the solution offers enterprise-wide features and functionality that enhance communications and productivity while reducing costs.

Designed for enterprise campus, multisite, and multinational networks, the VCX 7000 system consists of modular software components that perform call control, signaling, application creation, and media control independent of access medium and speed. Applications can be custom tailored to fit the demands of any enterprise, regardless of its size or site locations. The VCX 7000 product line includes robust software application modules, facilitating an array of IP-based applications that run on off-the-shelf, high-performance servers.