MERLIN MAGIX™ Integrated System

System Overview

The MERLIN MAGIX™ Integrated System is an all-in-one offer that provides customers with a robust communications solution. It’s a fully integrated, scaleable solution for voice and Internet communication that also supports a wide range of business applications for customer care, eBusiness, employee productivity, supplier transactions and more.

Through Avaya’s Solution Development Program, customers can choose from a wide range of business applications designed to complement the MERLIN MAGIX set of built-in features.

The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System is attractive to small and mid-markets customers (15 to 200 users) with single locations, as well as a large number of geographically dispersed locations. In addition to current voice applications needs, customers that access the Internet via modems or anticipate a future requirement for high-speed, Internet access, are looking to improve their customer care function, and currently have a LAN installed, are candidates for this offer.


Release History

1/8/01 - MERLIN MAGIX Release 2.0
11/1/99 - MERLIN MAGIX Release 1.0