PARTNER® Advanced Communications System

Overview - Features

System Overview

If your business is like most growing companies, you need a phone system that makes sure every call gets through to the right person in a fast and professional manner. The PARTNER ACS is designed to help your small business enhance customer service and increase productivity while protecting your bottom line. The modular system includes a wide range of built-in features that can be easily tailored to meet your unique communications needs – from a few phones up to 40 extensions, while also handling voice mail, modems, credit card readers and fax machines.

The PARTNER ACS is designed to give you greater control of your business calls and help you improve customer service. Easy-to-use features like Caller ID and unique line ringing let you personalize your service with every call. Optional voice mail and cordless phones help make sure you're always available to your customers. PARTNER ACS can even help you use your resources more efficiently, with features like automatic answering, fax management, and live call screening. And to help make sure you're always in service, remote administration capabilities allow Avaya authorized technicians to perform valuable system diagnostics and programming for you, from off-site, in the time that other systems are waiting for a technician to arrive.

And since businesses often grow in both size and feature use, the PARTNER system lets you expand or take advantage of new enhancements simply by inserting a PC card. This "plug and play" technology adds value to the system while also protecting your original investment by expanding up to 40 extensions and 15 lines. With the addition of a termination device, PARTNER ACS can also be used with digital circuits such as ISDN or T-1 lines for fast data transfer and Internet access. An array of programmable features and add-on systems help you set up your PARTNER ACS exactly as you want it, for maximum control and productivity. From voice messaging to headsets, auxiliary power supplies to computer-telephony software, all PARTNER system options are designed to help you work faster and smarter.

The PARTNER ACS is available worldwide: in many countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


Architectural Overview

The "brain" of the PARTNER ACS is a compact processor module (Control Unit) providing capacity for three incoming lines and eight telephone extensions. Depending on your communications requirements, the PARTNER ACS processor module can stand alone or be used with a two-slot or five-slot carrier and additional modules for extra line and station capacity, and/or voice messaging.

Expansion modules for additional line and station capacity come in 2-line/0-extension (200E), 2-line/6-extension (206E/206EC), 3-line/8-extension (308EC) and 4-line/0-extension (400E/400EC) configurations. The maximum system configuration is 19 lines and 8 telephones, or 15 lines and 40 telephones.

Whichever system configuration you choose, simply connect your phone lines, telephones, and other office equipment to your PARTNER ACS to get virtually all the communications capabilities you need.

With PARTNER ACS, you can select from four contemporary telephones with built-in features including speakerphone, intercom, hold and transfer buttons, and programmable feature/line buttons. Each phone has pull-out tray with instruction for using and programming specific features.

PARTNER phone options include backlit swivel display—a unique feature available only from Avaya. The adjustable display is easy to read, especially in dim light, and can be tilted to fit the user's comfort. The two-line by 24-character display is available in a choice of languages--English, French, and Spanish.


200E Module

The 200E Module provides ports for 2 additional lines & no extensions, and is used with the 308 Module.

2-Slot Carrier

The 2-Slot Carrier supports 2 modules—one Control Unit and one additional expansion module or PARTNER Mail VS® module.

400E Module

The 400E/400EC Modules provide ports for 4 additional lines and no extensions, and is used with the 308 Module. The 400 EC Module supports Caller ID.

308 Module (Control Unit)

he 308 Module is the control unit or processor for the system, with 3 jacks for Caller ID compatible lines and 8 extensions.

5-Slot Carrier

The 5-Slot Carrier supports up to 5 modules—one Control Unit and four additional modules (expansion modules or PARTNER Mail VS)

206E Module

The 206E/206EC Modules provide ports for 2 lines and 6 extensions and are used with the 308 Module in a 2-slot or 5-slot carrier. The 206EC Module supports Caller ID.


Release History

This product was released in 1997 with enhancements made in 1999.



Administration and programming of the PARTNER ACS system is accomplished via a display telephone set to extension 10 or 11, or by using the optional PC Administration for PARTNER software, available from Avaya.



PARTNER ACS incorporates several security features such as Toll Restriction and Disallowed/Allowed Lists to prevent unauthorized usage of the telephone system.


Battery Back-up memory

Battery backup of the PARTNER ACS system memory is available for a full 45 days to 6 months.


How You Benefit:

Battery backup stores all system configurations and programming. This feature is extremely important to save system re-programming in the event of power failures and other emergencies. Customers benefit by limiting system down time during and after emergencies.


Caller ID

With PARTNER ACS, three lines are automatically compatible with Caller ID, via the Control Unit. Additional lines can be Caller ID-compatible by using "EC" expansion modules. However, Caller ID service must be provided by the local telephone service company.


How You Benefit:

Caller ID gives users the ability to choose calls to accept, and specifically greet familiar callers. Caller numbers can be included on telephone system usage reports to track calls from specific parties, such as clients.

Caller ID also provides users with the ability to use software programs with their PC, such as Avaya PassageWay® products, to display caller information and customer records on their PC.


PC Card Technology

PC Card (PCMCIA Card) technology is built into the PARTNER ACS system. This capability enables system programming information to be stored (backed up) on the PC Card. If needed, programming and administration information can be quickly and easily restored into the system, limiting downtime for the business.

Additional features and future enhancements can be also added quickly and easily into the system via PC Cards.


How You Benefit:

PC Card technology provides for quick and cost effective upgrades, limiting downtime.