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To stay competitive, your business requires fast and dependable communication. Employees need to be able to receive urgent phone, e-mail and fax messages, no matter where they are. They should be able to respond to customers and co-workers from any location, with or without Internet access. Best yet, employees should have the means to quickly manage and prioritize the flurry of messages they receive each day in the form of voice mail, faxes and e-mail.

AVSTís unified communications solution is the answer. It offers your company the most effective way to receive, send and manage messages of all types. Our flagship product, CallXpress, combines voice, fax and e-mail messages in one in-box and makes them accessible via telephone, wireless device or computer. Your employees donít have to be in the office or logged onto a computer to access their e-mail ó they can receive and respond to messages anywhere, anytime. That means customers arenít left waiting, mobile workers are accessible, and urgent messages are available right away.

CallXpress increases productivity inside the office, too. CallXpress displays all voice, e-mail and fax messages together within their familiar e-mail inbox, making it easy to quickly prioritize and retrieve messages of all kinds. Employees spend less time managing messages and more time acting on them. Plus, simplified system administration and lower telephone charges reduce costs for your company.

CallXpress is extended by the Seneca speech-enabled call management module, which lets you use voice-activated commands to manage phone calls, e-mail and fax messages.

CallXpress offers higher productivity, lower operating costs, foolproof message delivery and improved customer satisfaction óit's the one solution that can meet and exceed the real demands of your business environment.