This special package is designed for IT personnel or customers who have knowledge of basic LAN networking. The NBX V3000 is very easy to install and manage.

System Configuration


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Optional Equipments & Service

Basic Pre-Configuration

This standard, basic, out-of-the box configuration is shipped with system to get the customer up-and-running and is intended for no to very low complexity layer-2 (MAC address) environments. Bay Telecom engineers will configure the basic settings, assign 3-digit extension on all phones, and setup default Auto-Attendant. Customer could choose between:

  • Key Mode: all 4 CO lines will appear on all phones. The system will work similar as 4-lines phone key system.
  • PBX Mode: CO lines do not map to individual phones. All incoming calls go first go an Attendant Console or the Automated Attendant. User must dial 9 to get access for outside call. PBX mode allows to make maximum use of a limited number of CO lines.